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want not stuff

bridging the gap between shriekback and tortoise

taken by tim ershot

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front cover for 7" single, art by mike schneider - 1990

front cover for cd, art by mike schneider - 1993 - want not flyer - want not flyer - want not flyer - want not flyer - various promo cassette covers
- what a 'friend' says behind your back after taking your song ideas for his own

nobody has ever asked me for my side of the story between then (1987) and now (2006) so at this point i don't really think anybody is going to, but for the record, here are my perceptions of this episode: santiago durango and i were not close friends, we had met a few times in bars or at parties, he was typically unable to remember my name (which says something about the state we both were in) and i suppose that explains why he didn't know my age, or even how to spell my name. nevertheless our conversations were always entertaining to me, drunken discussions of rimbaud or whatever, and always leading to music and bands; which i suppose led to him inviting me to collaborate on his solo project, a last musical fling before he started law school. we got together one afternoon or evening in the basement of steve albini's bungalow on fransisco (?). there was no preparation, no rehearsals, no demos, and as far as i remember he didn't have any ideas for song structures. he seemed really receptive to some bass lines i spontaneously threw out, and some changes to link them together. if they were poorly executed it is because i hadn't practiced them, and we only ran through them a few times before rolling tape. sant was his own engineer, not familiar with the equipment, and couldn't get a decent bass sound. i think he was trying to emulate steve albini's method but lacked experience. i believe he just had one reel of tape to work with. i hated the bass part on momento mori, thought it was banal and tedious, but he insisted it was exactly what he was looking for. i was thinking that there would be additional sessions to actually play through the 'songs', which were really just half-assed fragments, but apparently that contituted an "unreasonable demand" on my part. it wasn't anything that i was happy with, but he gave me a few copies when it came out, and then i heard that he had layered a bunch of other stuff on top of the basic tracks (which i have on cassette around here someplace). i distinctly remember that he didn't want to give me a cassette after the session, maybe that was another "unreasonable demand". i don't recall ever receiving any payment, but i do remember asking him once around six months later about sales. then about a year later an aquaintence gave me a xeroxed copy of 'sonic life', and i learned how two-faced he is. maybe sant was just trying to impress a girl at the time, but at the very least he has chosen the right profession for his personality. mr - 7/22/06

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